Couple Counselling

Couple counselling‘ is a broad term referring to relationship counselling, marriage guidance and pre-marriage counselling. People often seek couple counselling as a source of support and help when their relationship experiences a crisis such as separation, divorce, arguments or an affair. However, counselling can also help with other worries and problems that might not seem as important and can help you and your partner maintain a strong and rewarding relationship over the long term. Counselling can help you find your way through a specific issue or it can help you to develop a fulfilling and rewarding relationship for the future. Counselling allows you the space as a couple and as individuals to explore what the future might look like and understand how to achieve that future.

In terms of a process, the counsellor will aim to give you each the time and space to be heard in a calm environment free of rows or interruptions. You will be supported, challenged and encouraged to get to know yourself and your partner better, identify your concerns, needs and hopes for the relationship and evaluate your relationship in terms of what works well and what does not work well. You will be encouraged to communicate and understand each other, and learn how to deal with problems and disagreements.

Counselling can also help you overcome past hurt and anger with each other, and help you to heal your relationship and move on. Through couple counselling you will also be able to explore whether you want to continue the relationship, what the positive and negative implications of ending the relationship might be, and if you decide on that path, prepare yourselves for moving on after the relationship.