Who seeks counselling?

People seek counselling for many different reasons – perhaps they are experiencing difficulties and anxieties in their lives, or have problems with relationships, or need help in coping with crisis, pressure at work, the stress of bereavement or illness, feelings of hopelessness, depression, stress, or lack of self-worth and confidence. It might be something that happened in the past and is still causing emotional stress … and there may be many more reasons…

Can counselling help with my worries and anxieties?

We all limit our lives with worries and anxieties.  Counselling can help you understand their causes, put things in perspective and increase your ability to cope.

What does confidential actually mean?

Anything we discuss during any session stays between us only. The contract between us will set out the counsellor’s duty of confidentiality to you and the limited circumstances in which they may need to disclose information to another party. I will never disclose information to others without discussing this with you first.

All counselling work is supervised by another qualified counsellor (called a supervisor) and some content of the sessions may be discussed but your identity will not be revealed. The supervisor is also bound by a strict duty of confidentiality.

Will you give me advice?

No. The counsellor’s role is to work with you, to listen, reflect, help bring clarity and perspective and to be alongside you on your journey. By exploring your issues through the counselling process we believe you will be able to reach your own decisions and solutions.

How many sessions will I need? 

The number and frequency of sessions will be up to you. As an individual you will respond to counselling in your own way. You may see benefits after a few sessions or you may need longer. We can agree a number of sessions at outset or leave this open-ended.

Are you easy to find? 

We work in a number of locations in the Preston area. We will give you the address and full directions before your first session.

What are your fees?

Our fee is £55 per hour for Individuals, £65 for Couples, EAPs and Families by negotiation.

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