Therapist near me for depression

Are you based in the Preston area? The team at Preston Counselling Associates offer various therapies for depression. Our depression psychotherapy sessions will be personalised to you. We will develop a treatment plan that will enable you to develop techniques which will help you cope with everyday situations.

There are many symptoms or signs that someone may be experiencing depression. It is an illness that affects everyone differently and with different levels of severity. Generally, people who suffer from depression report feelings such as:

  • Self harm or suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling overwhelmed by problems and unable to cope.
  • Feeling stressed, irritable and aggressive.
  • Feeling sad or weepy.
  • Changed eating habits: comfort eating or loss of appetite.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns and constant tiredness.
  • Avoiding meeting people and social situations.
  • Feelings of apathy or lethargy. Losing interest in the things you used to enjoy.

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